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10 Activities You Can’t Miss in Seoul

In 2010 I left Toronto, and everyone I knew, to move halfway around the world and moved to South Korea. Over the next year, when I wasn’t teaching English to Korean school children, I set out to discover what the metropolis had to offer. ...Read More

5 Things You Should Know Before Teaching in Spain

Excited to start your new adventure as a language assistant in the land of vino and jamón? Want to make the adjustment a bit easier? These 5 things you should know before teaching in Spain will help you prepare yourself for the school year ahead. ...Read More

Relearning English in Spain: a Lesson on British English

Even as a native speaker teaching English isn’t as easy as you’d think. Unless you’ve studied linguistics or the English language, simply being a native speaker isn’t enough to effectively teach the language. I knew this coming into the profession, and even took a ...Read More