Intercultural Relationships: Marcella and Carlos

Now more than ever, more people are finding themselves in intercultural relationships. With the help of the Internet, and the gaining movement of long term traveling and living abroad, it’s no surprise people are dating outside their own cultures. I think it’s wonderful (though ...Read More

Highlights from Lisbon: 6 Things You Should Do

Read on for my list of highlights from Lisbon to help you plan your trip to the Portuguese capital. In early April of this year I added a new country on my ‘traveled to’ list: Portugal. To be completely honest it was never one ...Read More

The One Where I Visit Westeros – Granada Month 1

One of my biggest blogging regrets is that I did not write more in-depth about my life in Madrid. Part of it was that I’m private personal in general, so putting personal things online for everyone to see scared me. I also didn’t think ...Read More

How to Pintxo Bar Hop in Barcelona

Barcelona is a top European destination, welcoming millions of visitors every year. It’s known for it’s Gaudi masterpieces, a vibrant nightlife and being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Spain. As much as it pains me to say, I think Barcelona (currently) beats ...Read More

What You Need to Know About Nadi, Fiji

Fiji is one of my Dream Destinations, so when I was assigned Nadi, Fiji for the #HipmunkCityLove project, I was pretty stoked. During my research for this article, I learned that there was more to this tropical paradise than beautiful beaches, and it made ...Read More

My Dream Destinations – Part 1

I’m currently suffering from vacation envy. Friends and other bloggers have all been posting about their amazing travels on Instagram and Facebook while I sit in my apartment here in Granada. My vacation was last month when I spent 3 weeks in Toronto. It ...Read More

Sintra: Walking Through a Fairytale

Sintra is magical town renowned for its beautiful castles and Romantic architectural monuments. A 40 minute train ride away from Lisbon makes it a perfect day trip, and is well worth a visit! The walk over from the train station to Sintra’s city centre was ...Read More

Life Lately: Back in Canada and Leaving Madrid

Hello dear readers  Last month I unexpectedly took a blogging break, but now I’m back with some big news! Social Media Detox In late March I visited Portugal and had an amazing time. I expected the trip to inspire me to write, but it actually had ...Read More