Life Lately: Back in Canada and Leaving Madrid

Hello dear readers  Last month I unexpectedly took a blogging break, but now I’m back with some big news! Social Media Detox In late March I visited Portugal and had an amazing time. I expected the trip to inspire me to write, but it actually had ...Read More

Charmed by Cascais

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you know I finally got around to visiting Portugal last week. Before I moved to Spain, Portugal wasn’t really on my radar but after hearing friends rave about it (and seeing some wonderful blog posts about ...Read More

Explore Some More – March Edition

Explore Some More is a monthly feature where I share my favourite Internet finds from the month. They are a mix of travel articles, beauty tips, funny videos and much more. And just like that it’s April! In March I took part in a snail mail ...Read More

Time Traveling in Salamanca

Here’s the last part of my Weekend in Salamanca series. If you want a refresher, here are the previous posts: Play I Spy and Where to Take in the Gorgeous Views. In this post I’ll tell you how you can do some time traveling ...Read More

Relearning English in Spain: a Lesson on British English

Even as a native speaker teaching English isn’t as easy as you’d think. Unless you’ve studied linguistics or the English language, simply being a native speaker isn’t enough to effectively teach the language. I knew this coming into the profession, and even took a ...Read More