5 Things You Should Know Before Teaching in Spain

Excited to start your new adventure as a language assistant in the land of vino and jamón? Want to make the adjustment a bit easier? These 5 things you should know before teaching in Spain will help you prepare yourself for the school year ahead. ...Read More

The One When I Totally Fail – Granada Month 2

Happy Autumn! Summer is officially over, but luckily for me it’s still hitting high 20s°C (70sºF) here in Granada. Sad as I am to see the warm temperatures go, I love how autumn makes me feel. It has always signaled a change. First with ...Read More

The Exquisite Plaza de Espana in Seville

I’d seen photos of the Plaza de España in Seville online, but I as turned the corner and caught sight of the magnificent plaza in real life, I admit it nearly took my breath away. I took photo after photo with the hopes of capturing ...Read More

Visiting Dorne: The Palace of House Martell

Last month I took a quick trip to Sevilla, one of the prettiest Spanish cities I’ve ever been to. A highlight for me was visiting “Dorne”, one of the Kingdoms from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (more popularly known as ...Read More

Intercultural Relationships: Marcella and Carlos

Now more than ever, more people are finding themselves in intercultural relationships. With the help of the Internet, and the gaining movement of long term traveling and living abroad, it’s no surprise people are dating outside their own cultures. I think it’s wonderful (though ...Read More

Highlights from Lisbon: 6 Things You Should Do

Read on for my list of highlights from Lisbon to help you plan your trip to the Portuguese capital. In early April of this year I added a new country on my ‘traveled to’ list: Portugal. To be completely honest it was never one ...Read More

The One When I Visit Westeros – Granada Month 1

One of my biggest blogging regrets is that I did not write more in-depth about my life in Madrid. Part of it was that I’m private personal in general, so putting personal things online for everyone to see scared me. I also didn’t think ...Read More

How to Pintxo Bar Hop in Barcelona

Barcelona is a top European destination, welcoming millions of visitors every year. It’s known for it’s Gaudi masterpieces, a vibrant nightlife and being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Spain. As much as it pains me to say, I think Barcelona (currently) beats ...Read More