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  The weekend has gone by too quickly, and it’s once again Monday. Now that I’m back to blogging, I’d like to resume sharing a few of the interesting, funny or useful things I’ve seen on the Internet lately. One of my favourite reads ...Read More

An Overdue Update

Hello my lovely readers! My life since July has been pretty hectic and during the times I wanted to blog, I couldn’t. If you visited during August, September or October, chances are this site was down. I was in the middle of moving servers and ...Read More

Gourmet Tapas Tour with Insider’s Madrid

**My food tour experience detailed in this post was a complimentary tour offered to me by Insider’s Madrid. However, all opinions expressed are solely my own.** Having lived in central Madrid for almost two years, I have been to plenty of  restaurants and tabernas. ...Read More

La Virgen Brewery Tour and Tasting

Sometimes, amid the random spam posts, infighting and questions about unlocking cellphones, the Facebook group for Madrid Auxiliares provides some great information. In April someone posted a link to information about a brewery tour outside of Madrid in a small independent establishment called La Virgen. ...Read More

Where Will I Be This Fall?

As the school year comes to a close, I am left feeling a bit bittersweet about the upcoming summer. I have been working at a public school in Madrid for two years, and now the time has come to say goodbye. Goodbye not only to ...Read More

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I can´t believe it´s already June! Only one month left at my school, and two months until I´m back in Toronto. Here are the links, I hope you find some of them enjoyable! The big news story in Spain today is that King Juan ...Read More

A Walk Through the Royal Botanical Garden

A couple of weeks ago I had a free afternoon, so I went to visit the Royal Botanical Garden here in Madrid. The garden was founded by King Ferdinand VI in 1755 and designed by Francisco Sabatini and Juan de Villanueva. It’s purpose was not only to ...Read More

La Pradera de San Isidro

Many Spaniards also celebrate their cities' patron saint's day. On this day there are usually fiestas in the city and workers have a day off. Madrid's patron saint is San Isidro, and Madrid celebrates his feast day on May 15th. ...Read More

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Happy Monday! Last week there was another holiday in Madrid and I ended up having 5 days off. I made the most of my extra long weekend with a short trip to Galicia, a northern province of Spain. It was a sunny and warm ...Read More